About us

INSANE COCO we have the passion of natural beauty, of fashion that expresses freedom, joy – with the innovative design ideas, „handmade somewhere beautiful“.

Our vision is to create a design that not only steals your heart but also becomes the favorite item in your wardrobe. We believe in craft, we have high standards and low tolerances; our brand is more luxury with a touch of Bohemian Style. You can’t stop yourself from staring at our handcrafted items, which are perfectly made with delicate hand printing and a lot of love. We strive to make every piece special while keeping in mind the uniqueness of the women who carry them with style.

Cinderella Miranda Boccia is the designer of our brand, who takes inspiration from around the world to create this idea of aesthetic excellence and produce wonderful designs.
Insane Coco is a brand designing in ethical way forward to style.

Explore our INSANE COCO World and become the part of our story!

… be different darling…